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You are driving in a lane and on it you find a traffic light with a red cross-shaped light, what does it mean?

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The automobile is a motor vehicle that normally serves ...

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To avoid being hit, what should drivers do?

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Is the vehicle seen in the right part of the photograph properly parked?

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Should the safety distance be increased when there is fog?

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On this two-way road, where will you overtake the tram that runs through the center of the road?

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In what situation can only the position light be turned on between sunset and sunrise?

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Before a level crossing, you are obliged to ...

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When will we remove the turn signal when overtaking?

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On this highway, in which lane should you travel?


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When arriving at this intersection, what signs must we respect?

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A dashed longitudinal line with the strokes very close together, what does it indicate?

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If you notice that a vehicle wants to merge into the acceleration lane, what should you do?

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This sign ...

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Is it allowed to stop or park in and around a crosswalk?

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When leaving a garage onto public roads, which vehicles should we yield to?

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On a section of road with an acceleration lane, is overtaking considered a vehicle moving faster than another moving in the normal lane?

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Can you merge into the flow by reversing into an intersection?

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Should a driver turning onto another road yield to a pedestrian crossing it?

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What does this sign indicate?

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The sign on the road tells you ...

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On the shoulder of this highway, what is allowed?

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This sign prohibits the passage to ...

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Outside a town where there is no pedestrian zone, where are pedestrians obliged to circulate as a general rule?

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Will vehicles traveling on rails have priority over other users?

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In what situations do older people have the most difficulties?

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On a straight stretch, at night, without adverse weather conditions, is the fog lighting on this vehicle correct?

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Does the signal allow the overtaking maneuver to be carried out?

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What is the acceleration lane for?

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What does the vehicle position light indicate?