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English Question 1st test

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Does the compulsory insurance cover damage to the person of the driver of the insured vehicle?

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If a major technical reform is carried out on a vehicle, is it mandatory to pass an inspection?

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The driver of a vehicle is obliged to show the agents of the authority that request it ...

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If the result of the inspection carried out on your vehicle at an ITV station is unfavorable, will it be able to circulate on public roads?

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If you have had your B license for more than a year, and now you get a class A license, are you required to carry the L license plate on your motorcycle?

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This agent with outstretched arms forces us to stop ...

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Do the trailers and semi-trailers have to have a technical inspection card?

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Does the class A1 driving license authorize you to drive motorcycles with a sidecar?

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When the indications of a traffic light and a beacon signal contradict each other, it prevails ...

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In a driving school vehicle conducting practical classes, who is considered the driver?

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In a car, where should a new driver place the "L" plate?

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With the B permit, can a motor vehicle weighing more than 3,500 kg be driven?

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In crosswalks not regulated by traffic lights or agents, do pedestrians have priority?

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Driving, with a class B permit, a passenger car towing a light trailer, is it allowed?

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When riding a motorcycle, you should be aware that ...

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A car, what documents must it bring?

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In the event of an accident, does the compulsory insurance of a vehicle cover the damages produced to the opposite party?

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Cones on the road tell you ...

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From the point of view of traffic, is a motorcycle a automobile?

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Is it allowed to drive a truck with a class B license?

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