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আপনার তথ্য এবং আপনাকে এই পরীক্ষার ফলাফল প্রেরণের জন্য, দয়া করে এই বক্সগুলি পূরণ করুন।

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To remember the basic guidelines for action in an accident, the PAS rule is used. These are ...

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When an accident occurs, before attending to the victims, one should ...

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If we find injuries people in an accident, after protecting and informing, what will we have to do?

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If you find an injured rider, should you remove his helmet?

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How will we act when witnessing a traffic accident and after doing stopped correctly?

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In an accident, Should you stop to help?

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When informing about an accident, what information is useful for you to provide to the emergency services?

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Do traffic accidents have a huge economic impact on the population?

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What steps should you take if an accident occurs?

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If a traffic accident is found, should you stop to assist and assist the victims?

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In the event of an accident where help is already organized, should you stop to help?

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The economic impact of traffic accidents affects ...

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